Upcoming British and EGP Tournaments

for further lists of international tournaments see:
Othello News and Japanese Othello (Both external sites)

If you would like more information on any event listed here, please contact us.

May 4th-5th Norwegian EGP, Oslo Facebook
June 1st-2nd German EGP. Potsdam
June 8th Leeds Regional Facebook PDF Document
June 22nd-23rd Czech EGP, Prague Facebook
June 29th-30th British Championship, Cambridge Facebook PDF Document
July 6th-7th Swedish EGP, Stockholm
August 20th Mind Sports Olympiad, London Official Site
August 31st-September 1st French EGP, Paris
September 14th-15th Greek EGP, Athens
October 8th-11th WOF World Championship (WOC), Hong Kong
October 12th-14th Open WOC and Othello Weekend, Hong Kong
TBA Hampshire Regional
TBA Oxfordshire Regional